Before you start this process, please be aware that reprogramming your hardware with the latest firmware can take time. You can not interrupt the process as it may corrupt your device.

To update the firmware on your hardware follow these steps:

  1. Download the Firmware 502 here []
  2. Extract the files from "" to an appropriate location once download is finished (downloads or desktop is fine for this)
  3. Once extracted, ensure that Vicon hardware is on.
  4. Open your Vicon Software (Nexus/Tracker).
  5. In the systems tab right click on the Local Vicon System
  6. Select "Reprogram Vicon Firmware"
  7. This will then open a list of all hardware and current firmware versions
  8. Click browse
  9. Navigate to the extracted folder and select MXFirmware_502
  10. Check which devices in the list need reprogramming and click on Reprogram
  11. Your software will now reprogram your hardware with the latest firmwear. Do not interrupt this process.

Have a Vantage, Vero or mixed system instead of a legacy system? Check out this guide for installing firmware.